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Best week September 13, 2017

We have recorded higher success rate over the past week, we broke our records and reached 100% success rate in a month, we have few packages still in processing and we expect them to reach their destinations safely.

with our improved packaging methods and advance x-ray/drug dog’s detection prevention technics, we can’t be more sure than now to get your packages safely and discreetly at your door steps, head over to our research chemical shop and buy more of our products with confidence.


Happy shopping

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Our goal this year January 29, 2017

Update #1: Purity and quality assurance.

we aim at archiving 100% purity of most or all of our products this year and to continually provide faster and efficient delivery.

we at Discreet Shop have dedicated our lives to eliminate all the sales of bad substances in the market due to the greedy nature of resellers who buy, dilute and resale fake unoriginal substances which courses damage to consumer’s health.

everyone deceive good quality product, your neighbor likes what you buy or not, you still deserve the best quality of whatever you buy and quality shouldn’t be abused for profit.

stay safe and know we are ensuring greater purity on each new batch.

Update #2:Communications

We had some delay in communications lately due to some upgrades on both our servers and physical infrastructures, however everything is ready and reply should be expected within 48 hours. so don’t be anxious when there is little delay.

Secondly, Our live chat agents aren’t available at the moment, we are preparing them with further studies on SE since we were receiving social engineering attacks from people who collected more than 3kg of free samples last year and some other flows in terms of security. we want them to focus on sales and assistance, nothing personal or something to review personal info.


Update #3:  About us

we are an established lab based in Germany, we have been producing and selling products for many years however not online to clients directly as we do now, but we had wholesalers who would buy, resell and others distribute, however during this former process, there were too much drop in quality since it came to our attention of other substances being mixed with the original to increase profit. so we decided to come online and sell directly to clients on this platform and to educate others on the type of products to buy or not to buy.


Update #4 Test kits

Test kits will be available soon and will be given free to all buyers of 500g and above of any of our products, so you can test the quality of not only our products but of the products from other vendors, materials on using test kits and knowledge on properly testing products before any usage would be published. health is much more important than profit and that should be our focus.


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lsd Stock available June 15, 2016

Greetings valued clients,

we have updated you guys publicly for a while now, due to the fact that we were busy upgrading everything in the backend to provide a more better service, which is what happen when educated people are behind the keyboard to make you smile all the time. we will make discreet shop safe, simple and easy like amazon which you are used too. however discreet shop is build with privacy in mind and made to be more secure with industrial grade encryption. So that you might seamlessly shop more comfortably.


The good news is that, LSD for sale is now available and are being added to the shop as you read, orders are open and we will allow the ordering of 1g by clients for a while, so proper quality assessment might be done before we raise the limit to at least 10g so both individual users and resellers would be able to buy.


happy shopping.


Discreet Admin

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Cocaine Pure Update March 15, 2016

As you may have noticed, our pure cocaine was protected with password and we only shipped to select locations etc, after inensive test, we have had a wonderful success rate and as such we have decided to put it open for everyone to order, its purely safe and the discreetness is assured. we know what we are doing !


Happy shopping

Buy pure cocaine online

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14 March update: please read March 14, 2016

Outline: we have some new stocks and some information for clients who made orders last month (Febuary).


Firstly, few products have been added to our inventory for our nice brothers and sisters out there (clients), amonst which we have the legandery “super K” and mephedrone. we have already added ketamine while we decide on how the quantities and prices of which we will list mephedrone and few others.

Secondly, if you placed an order on Febuary and haven received it yet, please send us an email to [email protected] in this format :

Order number

Confirmation of delivery address.

we will issue a full reship and use a new parcel forwarders of which we have been using for the past few months on large orders and have gotten an outstanding success rate. so please get back to us within the week for a fast reship and a tracking number will be handed over to you.

we hope you enjoy shopping with us and we expect your shopping cart to be more loaded on your next order.


stay safe !

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Communication update March 7, 2016

to better serve you, we have decided that all communication should be done either via live chat or by mail at only [email protected]

please understand the system and don’t be sending mails asking what we already explained on our blog: so please read on “how ordering works” by clicking here

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New stock

We have some new stocks of even better quality, some product have been upgraded.

we have intergraded with a friendly lab that produces MXE of better quality than ours and we have gone into contract to buy all their supply. This will give us time to focus on the products we are able to provide 85-90% purity to make them reach 100%.

so you will notice some small price increase on some products, already placed orders will be shipped at the price they paid for but you will have to pay at the new rate during your next order. Discreet Shop have not only been offline for a while but have been upgrading behind the scence, both physically and virtually.

Secondly, we have hired some new Discreet Admins to facilitate with the sales and communications, meaning faster responds to mails and faster order processing. Our goal is to provide “same day” dispatch of orders for all our products. not only on few, as you know “bigger orders first !”

We hope you enjoy shopping, if opera mini don’t allow you to view our site, please swicth to firefox or google chrome, Opera is having problem decrypting the data our server send to make them visible with you.

Happy Shopping

Best regards

Discreet Admin


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Sorry for incoviniences March 6, 2016

Discreetshop haven been available for the past few days, not only have we been through several none disclossable issues but we also seized communication with clients temporally. however everything have been restored except the following:

  1. We have lost order data of more than 522 orders. however these are mainly delivered and confirmed orders except for few of which were to be delivered this past week of which we didn’t. please its required that if you can’t see your order within your account or noticed that your account is not found on our system, create a new account and continue shopping.
  2. Undelivered none tracable orders, if your order haven been delivered, meaning if you haven received a mail stating “order completed” and receive the package, please to let us know at: [email protected] with your order mail, the mail sent by our shop regarding your order.

thanks for trusting Discreet Shops. We (Discreet Admins) are working hard day and night to provide an easy to use, powerful and secure online shopping experience, we know what we are doing so just enjoy the ride !.


Happy shopping



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Few tips February 26, 2016

#1. Those who bought bitcoins while prices were low, now is the best time for you to order since you must have gotten additional $$$ due to the increase in exchange rate. we understand, it’s a good feelings to wake up in the morning , check your wallet and see free 20k. Bitcoins price fluctuation seems like a risk but yeah the gain is perfect.

#2.  Stop buying online gift cards and sending to our email, we will never accept this, neither now or in the next two century, if you don’t care about your privacy, we do !. those who don’t want to use bitcoins in buying, make sure your cards are physically purchased with cash, not using your credit/debit card.

NB. the #1 tip is just my personal message as one of the Admin of DS and meanwhile #2 is the actual update i was instructed to post, hope the two tips help you all in earning higher.


Happy shopping !


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Update done February 21, 2016

All the update have been made, was mainly updates. due to some ordering issues that clients had. but everything is up and runing now.

Happy SHopping !

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